General Eligibility Requirements By Academic Area

Click on one of the areas below you would most likely be qualified to teach. You will then view a list of requirements specific to that area.
College of Criminal Justice & Security-CJHS/Human Services
College of Criminal Justice & Security-Corrections
College of Criminal Justice & Security-Criminal Justice Contemporary Issues & Futures
College of Criminal Justice & Security-Criminal Organizations
College of Criminal Justice & Security-Law Enforcement
College of Criminal Justice & Security-Organizational Behavior & Administration
College of Criminal Justice & Security-Policy Analysis
College of Criminal Justice & Security-Research Methods and Public Policy
College of Humanities and Sciences-Academic Writing
College of Humanities and Sciences-Biology/General
College of Humanities and Sciences-Earth Science
College of Humanities and Sciences-Health Science
College of Humanities and Sciences-Mathematics/General/Statistics
College of Social Sciences-Counseling/Clinical Progression/Supervision (California)
College of Social Sciences-Counseling/Counseling Practice (Doctoral/Terminal Degree Required)
College of Social Sciences-Counseling/Foundations (Doctoral Degree/Full Licensure Required)
College of Social Sciences-Human Services: Service Delivery
School of Business-Business Information Systems
School of Business-Business Research
School of Business-Finance
School of Business-Financial Reporting/Accounting
School of Business-Marketing