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April 26, 2018  


Please read this before filling out the registration form.

  • You cannot use your Social Security number and/or PIN as a User Login Name.
  • The User Login Name you previously used for the Online Collection, Proficiency Assessment Site, or other program site is no longer valid.
  • An all numeric User Login Name will not be valid.
  • If you have problems creating a new User Login Name it may already be in use. Please repeat the registration process using a different User Login Name.

Please enter the following information to register for access to the University of Phoenix Student and Faculty Web. Use the Tab and Shift-Tab keys to move to the next or previous

User Login Name*

Use 6 to 20 characters, alpha/numeric (i.e. johndoe1). Important: If you are a faculty member or a FlexNet or online student, your User Login Name will be used as the prefix of your email address (i.e.


Use 7 to 16 characters, alpha/numeric. (i.e., passwrd1)

Re-enter Password*

Birth Date*

Individual Record Number

(see below)

Social Security No.

Email Id.*

The Individual Record Number (IRN) is a number between 5 and 10 digits, that was automatically generated by our system upon your admission to the University of Phoenix as a student and/or faculty member. If you do not know your IRN, you may register with your Social Security number (SSN). Do not use spaces or dashes when entering your IRN or SSN.

For Vancouver Students: Please do not enter your Social Security Number in any field. Only enter your IRN number in the IRN field.

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